Time is Running Out

Project Maybe presents its first time-travel themed collection —Time is Running Out!


TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek
TIROs NFT sneak peek


Start time traveling with our first collection - “Time is Running Out” (TIRO)! TIRO is a collection of [redacted] NFTs of time travelers aka time heroes: TIROs from Year 2060.

Time travel has been widely adopted since its invention in 2030. $HIGGS, also known as the “God’s Particle”, is a limited element that regulates time to move forward. It can also be burned to travel forward or backward on the timeline.

By Year 2060, $HIGGS is nearly depleted because of time traveling. This leads to an instability in spacetime and the particles for all organisms. The majority of humans are fading as their particles vibrate excessively, and vanish within a few weeks. Time is running out for mankind!

TIROs, human clones led by a group of scientists in Year 2060, attempts to restore the balance in spacetime by traveling to Year 2030 and bringing back $HIGGS to replenish its supplies in 2060. They also informed some of their old selves in Year 2030 about time travel and $HIGGS. This was how the time machine was invented…

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roadmap character

MISSION DEBRIEF (25%) - approx. Oct 2022

  • Mint [redacted] TIROS from Year 2060

TIME TRAVEL (50%) - approx. Nov 2022

  • dNFT (Dynamic NFT) implementation, where the appearance of each TIRO changes to and from various states depending on staking and other actions.
  • Staking implemented to time travel and receive $HIGGS, “God’s Particle”

TIME MISSION (75%) - approx. Dec 2022

  • Online game development for TIRO
  • Evolve TIROs to obtain various advantages in the game
  • Top winners of the game are rewarded

TIME MACHINE (100%) - approx. Q1 2023

  • Building Time Machine on the Metaverse
  • TIRO VX - Metaverse Ready
  • Spend $HIGGS to upgrade your experience in the “Time Machine”
  • Physical Merch


Hold one of the TIROs background graphic

Hold one of the TIROs

Stake and receive $HIGGS background graphic

Stake and receive $HIGGS

Spend $HIGGS background graphic

Spend $HIGGS

1. Time travel missions

2. dNFT-changing appearance

3. Metaverse & Online Game

Receive more $HIGGS background graphic

Receive more $HIGGS

Exclusive access and perks within the Metaverse (Time Machine) background graphic

Exclusive access and
perks within the
Metaverse (Time Machine)

Time travel and experience different sci-fi fantasies with Project Maybe Games background graphic

Play online games developed for the TIROs and get rewarded as top rank

Utilities and perks using $HIGGS (ie. WL raffles/bidding) background graphic

Utilities and perks
using $HIGGS
(ie. WL raffles/bidding)


What you get from our NFTs!

dNFTs (Dynamic NFTs) that changes their appearance according to staking stages

Stake to time travel and receive $HIGGS with TIROs on mission

Online game for the TIRO NFTs

Time Travel on the “Time Machine” on the Metaverse

Physical Merch to connect the physical and the virtual world


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Founder / Lead Dev

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Co-founder / PM

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Co-founder / Dev


“Time is Running Out” is the first Sci-Fi NFT collection launched by Project Maybe. It is a time travel themed NFT project with its own dNFT art (Dynamic NFT), online game, and Time Machine on the Metaverse! Stay tuned for more info, minting is expected in October!

Our vision is to bring Sci-Fi fantasies into the world of NFT, gaming, and the Metaverse. We would like to build an active community of people who are into Sci-Fi. We target to release a new Sci-Fi NFT collection every quarter. Holding a Project Maybe Mint Pass guarantees early access and discounts to our collections of various Sci-Fi NFTs in the future. You can find our mint pass on Opensea!

$HIGGS is a limited token in the universe, distributed by staking the NFTs in our various collections. It can be used for collection-specific utilities, like impacting dNFT, upgrading experience in the online game and Metaverse, WL raffles, etc. Stay tuned for more details!

Our NFT and token are implemented on the Ethereum blockchain.

The mint date for TIRO is expected in October 2022. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community to stay up-to-date!

The supply amount for TIRO is TBD. We will make announcements on the supply as we are closer to the mint day. However, whitelists are likely over-allocated, and getting our Mint Pass on Opensea is the only way to guarantee a minting spot for the TIRO.

Whitelist spots are reserved for early supporters, active members in the community, and giveaway winners. Whitelists are likely over-allocated, and getting our Mint Machines on Opensea is the only way to guarantee a minting spot for TIRO. Join our Discord server today to learn more!

dNFT (Dynamic NFT), an online game developed for our NFT, Time Machine experience on the Metaverse, amazing looking PFP NFT, and MORE!